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Van planning at last...

So i've been interested in van life for a while, and now that I have overcome the cancer and have gotten a job it's time to start planning the build.. here is this mornings brainstorm:

ok this morning i was thinking about making a list of van manufacturers who
sell in australia and find out what the deal is with their vans
* Mercedes - Sprinter
* Volkswagen - Transporter
* Ford - Transit
* Renault -Master
* Fiat - Ducato
* Toyota - HiAce
* Hyundai - iLoad

so what are the considerations for purchasing
* Initial Price
* Repair price
* Mod difficulty
    * Interior
    * exterior
    * Engine
* Efficiency
    * Petrol or whatever
* Stealthiness
    * looks like a commercial van
* Volume dimensions
    * Must be tall enough to stand comfortably after build out.
    * long wheel base
* reviews and ratings

What are the things I want?
* Nerdy Shit
    * Interior and exterior cameras
    * NAS
    * Lo…

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