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Livestreaming 03 - Success, mostly

Once again I'm going to write down my thoughts on how things went for Smiddy and I during the live streaming thingo we do on Sundays.

Firstly, I was early by 15 minutes, thats a good start, we gave ourselves an extra hour to figure out the setup, and our online testing and experimentation of using netcat to pipe stream data to each other helped us troubleshoot the simple script errors we encountered early on. we got all the streams we wanted setup with about five minutes to spare before our self appointed timeslot.

Then we started the introduction, and after a few minutes Smiddy noticed we weren't streaming audio, DOH. After a re-start, things tended towards the smooth.

The challenges I felt with having an actual working streaming thingo was that I was actually live as me on the internet... shit shit shit... oh well, keep going and it will become normalised. The internet is a scary place, and I hope not to get noticed by scary types. Only luck will prevail.

After concluding t…

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